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work of heart

1006 Ayers St • Prague, OK 74864

About  Up n growin


Up N Growin Garden Center has been providing quality starter plants to the Prague area since 2020. We are a family owned and operated independent retail nursery, here to supply your landscaping and gardening needs.

Our goal is to provide the very best quality products for the absolute best price. We are experts in our field. We train our employees to give our customers the most accurate information about gardening that we can.

At Up N Growin Garden Center, we choose Oklahoma growers with the best plants, that do well in our area. We don’t sell electrical parts, plumbing supplies or hardware. We sell what we do best; plants, fertilizers and gardening success.

  • First One


    We start a lot of our own plants from seed in our germination room. We generally start more than 20,000 plants from seed.

  • second one

    Let's Grow

    Once our young plants get up large enough, it's time to replant them into bigger pots with quality soil, so their roots will grow strong.

  • third gym training

    Plant Hardening

    We expose our young plants to the outside environment making them ready to withstand almost anything nature throws at them.

  • fourth muscle

    Up N' Growin

    As our young plants are getting acclimated to nature, we are feeding them nutrients that will help them become healthy plants.    

  • training fifth

    Movin' on up 

    Once our plants are at the right size, they get moved into our retail store where they continue to grow bigger and healthier.    

  • gym training

    From our home to yours

    Once our plants are moved into our retail store, they are ready for purchase. They are always excited to go to a new loving home.

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Our Plants

We take pride in what we grow and sell. We use the best soils and fertilizers to keep our plants hardy and healthy.

First Class


We carry a large selection of flowers you will want in your flower beds.

Second Training

Starter Plants

We carry many starter plants you will want for your garden. Starter plants are great because you don't have to plant the seeds and worry about if those seeds will germinate.

Third Class

Fresh Produce

We bring in fresh produce from right here in our local area and from across the U.S. We only bring in fresh produce from small farms that put time and care into the crops they grow and you can taste the difference.

Fourth Training


From jack-o-lantern pumpkins to fresh pecans to local honey and everything in between, we carry fresh and local seasonal items.

Business Hours

Thank you for visiting Up N Growin. We try our best to keep our business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Due to the nature of the business and our structure, we may have to unexpectely close due to weather. The metal framed structure is not a safe place to be during a lightning storm. We apologize if this may cause an inconvenience but the safety of our employees is very important to us.

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